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Glen Flora’s One-Stop Shop for
Food & Diesel Fuel 

For quality diesel fuel, gas, and food options that are available when you need them, come visit Edming Oil Company in Glen Flora, WI. Our gas station and convenience store have everything you need in one convenient location. We have hot food, snacks, drinks, and adult beverages in large varieties of each. We even have a full deli that can make you a fresh sandwich right before your eyes.

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Why Choose Us?

✔ Diesel & Propane Refueling Stations

✔ Wisconsin DNR Licenses

✔ Full Deli

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Multiple Types of Fuel 

Our gas station is fully equipped to dispense regular, propane, and diesel fuel for vehicles in our community. We also have multiple gas pumps that make it easy to get in, fuel up, and back on the road in no time.

Fishing & Hunting Licenses 

Besides quality diesel fuel, Edming Oil Company is also registered through the state of Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources as an official issuer of hunting and fishing licenses. If you love enjoying the great outdoors that America’s Dairyland has to offer, do so legally and responsibly by purchasing a license from us. 

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Our Services:

✔ Gasoline-Diesel-Propane Fuel Station
✔ Wisconsin DNR Licensing Agent Full
✔ Deli with Broasted Chicken,
Grilled Burgers, Cheese Curds & Appetizers
✔ Liquor, Beer, Wine, and Many Cold Beverages
✔ Convenience Store
✔ Local Gathering Spot for
Information and Hospitality


Large Beer & Wine Selection 

Our convenience store also has a large selection of adult beverages to choose from. With locally sourced beers and name-brand wines and liquors, you’ll find the perfect drink to enjoy with your friends and family. Give us a call today for a quick rundown of available brands. 

Snacks and Beverages

Snacks & Beverages 

Like almost all gas stations and convenience stores, Edming Oil Company sells a large variety of snacks and beverages that range from name brands to more local options. So whether your preference is salty, sweet, or anything in between, we’ve got something to satisfy your hunger. 


Hot Food & Deli 

Where our gas station separates from others is our large selection of hot and fresh foods that are available for purchase. Food like broasted chicken, grilled burgers, cheese curds, and many other appetizers are made fresh daily and offer a filling alternative to smaller snacks. We also have a full deli that makes classic American sandwiches. 

Make Us Your Next Pit Stop!

Whether you’re looking for diesel fuel or a hot and delicious meal, our family business has what you need at affordable prices. Edming Oil Company is here to answer any questions you have about our services or the available selection of food and drinks.

(715) 322-5292